"Warning: Blogs can be read!"

For the past 2 weeks, I have come to realise, people are READING my blogs! The freaky part is, they are not the faceless, nameless entities of cyberspace, but people I know… from college, and they usually come up to me and say, “Hey, Shruti, you have a blog!”
“Uhhuh.. Yeah I use it to rant about my pathetic little life.. Do you MIND?” Unfortunately, sometimes it IS the people I write about! Hey, I always name that good guys. If you have your name in my blog, that’s a honour! You MUST be happy with the portrayal, nah?
I have also realised that Google has a massive crawler! Type certain keywords & “Random Jottings” turns up, and that includes names (Hmm! You know who I am talking about if you’re reading this! I DID say great things about you…) Hey, but it’s all peachy.
Why do I Blog?
My blogs at a certain time reflect my mindset at that juncture… I do not carry grudges to the grave. The blog is simply an outlet for pent-up steam and a very effective one at that.. (Warning: Blatant Product Placement!)
Here are the testimonials of some people who blogged…
Blog for your health!!!
Xavier Marquess (25, Male) “I was a 90 pound weakling! Then I started a blogspot addy and 2 months later, I am still a 90 pound weakling. But now, I can sure spell well and I have a job at a typewriting institute! Thank you Blogger.com.”
Blog to meet new friends!!!
Virginia Vixen (18, Female) “I was always a shy girl with big geeky glasses and itchy mouse-fingers. But after starting to blog, I’ve realised that my pathetic life is actually APPEALING to my readers! Thanks to blogger.com, I’ve met other people of my ilk!”
Blog for Wealth!!!
Lionel Dumbell (56, male) “I was a no-good loafer who did not want to work. After registering for a blogspot address that I never use, I have an excuse for not working. I am blogging… and they pay me for each person who views the site. I’ll get around to it tomorrow. *yawn*”
Blog to blog about blogs!!!
Shruti George (20, female) “I made you all read a blog about a blog, right? How cool is THAT??!”


11 thoughts on “"Warning: Blogs can be read!"

  1. Angel

    “For the past 2 weeks, I have come to realise, people are READING my blogs!”

    *applause* you are BRILLIANT!

    Being one among faithful fans and *gasp* critics, I suggest that you carry on blogging.I for one, am thoroughly entertained!!

  2. Anonymous

    Hey Shruti..

    Yes I know that sentence was for me!! I am going to Manipal for a TAPMI interview tomorrow.. Happy Valentine’s day in advance!


  3. Shrutz

    Hey Anonymous!
    I know you’ll do great! But here’s to that you get into all the interviews you’re off to & Yeah, happy valentine’s day… NO COLLEGE! yippee

  4. Sam

    well, Shruti, u’ve just got a new member to ur fan club n’ to tell the truth, i had never known that blogging was such a popular thing..In fact, u’ve got me thinking of blogging too..Keep up the good work..

  5. Fly

    she had me thinking of blogging too. But some of us are just too goddamn lazy, so we muck about on everyone elses! Like sam said shrutz, keep up the great work.
    I faithfully wait for you to falter. Torpedoes aimed….

  6. Shrutz

    Yo fly!! you’re mucking around with the comments? Will be screaming names from here! Keep your ears peeled
    @Sam! Heya! I am delighted someone else is reading my blogs, it’s fun 🙂

  7. Aravind.V

    Ha atlast a Blog with a difference. Blogging about blogging about blogging is something really nice. Hope U keep this up. Yup i do read ur blogs.

  8. s.iype

    hey miss ,
    well i stumbled across your blog . Its funny , a bit long at times though . but funny .
    any way i love ur ” phantoms of cyberspace” bit. keep up ur end .

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