V-Day Chatter

Countdown…. 7 days…

Oh WHO cares! A long long time ago, a poor and little-known bishop married lovers without knowledge of the Emperor and he faced death. In the 21st century, Valentine’s Day is an excuse for commercialisation. While I was tapping away on my keyboard, (Note to self: Must get life, apparently they’re quite cheap!) I heard an ad on the TV, (which is always on 24/7) which went “Get your Valentine a diamond!”. Sure, why not? Just direct me to any guy who’ll buy me a diamond ring..!

To the question “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways..” here’s the detailed list.. Flowers, jewellery, chocolates, a card, a dinner at a fancy restaurant, pricey presents….

Not to put it too blatantly, I hate Valentine’s Day… Why?

1) At 20 years of age, I doubt that anyone knows what ‘love’ is. So, why make a fool out of yourself every year with another person just to ‘celebrate’ Valentine’s Day?

2) I hate the colour pink. I also can’t reconcile myself to the fact that the mascot of love is a chubby little baby, wearing a diaper, and running (flying?) amok with a bow and arrows!

3) Any sentence that begins with the words “I love you…” is VERY bad news!

4) The sentence “You make life worth living” is the more overrated romantic line. Life should always BE worth living for its own sake, no-one or nothing should be allowed to hold that power over you.

5) Mushy = Crappy!!

Now that I have given you all a dose of philosophy, I am out. Feel free to discuss what a cynic I am… I enjoy it!

“Love & Kisses”

PS: I just got to know that one my childhood friends is getting married soon. I wish her all the luck and happiness in the world! Congrats..

PPS: I am NOT so mean after all, aren’t I? 😉


10 thoughts on “V-Day Chatter

  1. Swaroop C H

    OMG. Somebody agrees with me. I really like it that you said this:

    “The sentence ‘You make life worth living’ is the more overrated romantic line. Life should always BE worth living for its own sake, no-one or nothing should be allowed to hold that power over you.”

    Also, I agree – too much is made of this Valentines’ Day. Most of the time, celebrated by people who don’t know what love really is all about. No, its not about flowers.

    People need to get a life.

    The only reason I remember Valentines’ day is because its my grandpa’s b’day as well 🙂

    – Swaroop

  2. Sasta da PunkaH

    Hmmm, dun be too cynical on da love front. U might miss an oppurtunity when da arrow zaps u in da butt. I too, ain da luvy-duvy type and I do agree wit u on most points uve discussed, but just keep ur heart open aye!

    Urs truely ur secret admirer- hahaha…

  3. duttan

    I enjoy seeing what the culture vultures do on V-Day. If someone invites me to throw stones at McDonald’s, I would surely go. heh heh.

    I guess I am an extreme version of yourself. 🙂

    BTW, u said u hate pink. But didnt u wear pink during the first day @ Drishti? 😕

  4. Shrutz

    @Swaroop Thanks for agreeing!
    @Sasie.. I’d rather take the arrow out, before I become the butt of all jokes!
    @Govind Argh! good memory for colours! I meant the yucky pink of confetti hearts, you know Barbie pink?… THAT one!

  5. Sasta da PunkaH

    Ha, no if’s or butt’s aye! U prolly wun even feel da arrow on impact. Before you know whats hit ya da poison will be running thru ur vains 😛


  6. dingolfi

    1. 20 years? People have become doctors at a lesser age?
    2. WOOHOO…Finally I hear a female say that. Kudos!
    3. Beg to disagree. Any sentence that begins with the words “I love you…”, if true, the most beautiful feeling.
    4. Cant agree more.
    5. Cynic?

    ;O) another Val-day-hater ;O)

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