Dead Man, U tell no tales?

What do you tell someone who thinks you are

a) 5’8″ tall

b) dark

c) have black shoulder-length curly hair…?

Moreover, he comes to your college and looks around for a Shruti answering to that description?

Maybe, I ought to start from the beginning. I’m a member of Orkut.. may I add, ADDICTED member of Orkut. Orkut is a friends network affliated to Google and is quite cool. Since the time I joined, I made some friends from a college in Trivandrum, SCT (Sri Chitra Thirunal College of Engineering) They’re a friendly lot, and were all given open invites to Drishti! Some of them turned up on the first day, we met and it was nice. One of them came the NEXT day, to play at our Games Arena. I just dropped in, looked around and left. That evening, I got a message and a call from a person who wanted to know if this was “Shruti George?” Sure, it is! So, who is THIS? So, he told me…

Some days later, on Yahoo! ™ Messenger, he informed me that my Orkut profile picture was VERY misleading. (It IS mine.. in bad light) He’d been looking around for a tall, dark girl with loose dark hair around the college and during the closing ceremony.. Alas!

So, the ONLY answer to the first question is!… “SURPRISE!”… Wrong on all counts!!


13 thoughts on “Dead Man, U tell no tales?

  1. acid_ice

    As the guy who put his foot in his mouth that time around,the first comment ought to be mine,right?…Still,giving credit where credit is due,I ought to say,Shruti’s camera work with that pic is particularly awesome…because whatever she might say,bad light and all,fact of the matter is,she DOES look dark,and to have shoulder-length hair in that pic.(Dont believe me?…get her to show you that pic..!)The 5’8″ part was mine own input,but then,it seemed like a good idea at the time..:D(as most bad ideas do.)
    But setting that aside,I have to say,any unbiased and knowledgeable reader would spot the malice and ill-will (ahem!) in this blog.Am I right ,or am I right? Hope the public outrage that is to follow will be a lesson to you,Shruts…;)

  2. duttan

    A person can look very different from what a photo can show of him. Photos are taken under extremely varied lighting conditions. I have taken pains to ensure that the lighting conditions and angles are the BEST when taking any photo of mine. This is cuz photos which are taken in bad light can be depressing. An example would be a photo of mine in a group in cute_demon’s orkut profile.

    PS : Why this 5’8″ figure of height? is that some crucial number? :-/

  3. acid_ice

    As usual,Duttan has taken the most practical,and unbiased,and scientific,and…….,er,view of the situation.N the lack of public outrage,i attribute to the fact that very few level-headed people would check THIS particular blog out,especially since it comess under the category of unwarranted and unreasonable mud-slinging….:D

  4. Fly

    “He’d been looking around for a tall, dark girl with loose dark hair around the college and during the closing ceremony.. Alas!”

    Why the hell is your hair all around college? And why particularly during the closing ceremony?
    Identifying her is not too difficult: spot 32 bright lights, neatly arranged, 16 over 16.
    By the time you guys read this, she may have already shot me. Pray for my soul.

  5. Shrutz

    Hmm… We HAD this conversation before!!! It’s not LOSE, it’s LOOSE… Oh wait, you have more experience LOSING hair, right?
    Like they say, how does the shoe bite on your foot?

  6. acid_ice

    Seems some of that public outrage I expected is woking…:D..How does it feel to be on the receiving end,huh,Shruts?
    Fly,you noticed the hair too?But then,pretty hard not to notice it,I suppose,with it all over college??And,dont worry,we’ll pray for your soul,you poor martyr..:(

  7. ambatigan

    Hi Shruti,
    I’m Gangadhar Ambati,your friend from Orkut.. I agree with your feelings about Orkut..I too become addicted to Orkut.Infact I’m a new member but I got a few good friends like you.

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