Here Comes the Blog

It’s been quite a long time since I have sat down to write about my life, for you people to read and then feel happier about yours: “Oh wait, at least someone else is having a worse time than I am. Maybe I am not the craziest person alive in this world!”

I kid you not… a LOT has happened in the past one week. After the last PC, (coded by seniors now forgotten!), on Sunday we had lessons in TIME. They were quite fun. I loved doing the verbal part of it.. (okay it figures, right?) Have to brush up on the Maths aspect… In TIME, we had to buttonhole KK in order to sponsor my programme, “Best Manager” for Drishti. He kept asking “What about Dhwani then? Could you say something CONCRETE about that?”

“Sir, it’s in March. I have no clue. I’ll ask the Union”.I kept explaining!

Ahh, well, the money and the sponsorship is in the bag :D!! One hurdle down!

On Wednesday, we had our Digital Lab Exams. Alas!!! My newly found exam jinx caught up with me again. The question actually made NO sense! (refer previous blog)

PARTIAL OUTPUT! Oh! The horror! Hey, it WAS an easy circuit, right? After all, I JUST had to wire about 10 IC’s out of which 1 was a counter, 2 were full adders and the rest were gates which made NO sense!!! How easy for the external to say “Generate count upto 15.” and then, add “If you don’t get the output, I’ll fail you.”

The moment I objected to the sheer lunacy, he gave me a bit of philosophy. “In Digital Electronics, you have only two states.. High or Low, Yes or No, One or Zero.”

I could’ve ‘counter’ed with “Sir, not everything is ‘excess’ively black or white. There ARE shades of gray too.” (oh I crack me up!)

Anyway, his need to see it on a 7 segment display couldn’t be satisfied. He had to see some LED’s flashing instead. Hmm, at least I didn’t fail. Though, I must say for my sadisitic classmates, they kept consoling me. Their method wasn’t VERY effective, though. It went,” Hmm, in college you should at least have ONE suppli. Allengil oru rasam illa, alle?”

But the next day, every second sentence was “Shruti! You better study/don’t cut classes. Or you will get partial output AGAIN.”

Unfortunately, I couldn’t heed their requests. Classes had begun. But we are having our Freshers’ Fest: Genesis. I have fond remembrances of our own time at it, both in participation and conducting it. This time, since I was a SENIOR in S6, I was drafted for judging. First up, English debate.

Traditionally, not a competition that attracts many people. So , I thought, “What the heck? I’ll go and come back by One.”

So, there we were, ANOTHER senior in Mech called Vivek (they’ll never stop coming?) and I sitting in a classroom, getting the royal treatment and there were the ‘ickle’ juniors coming and ‘debating’. Each team for 4 minutes for both sides of the argument and we spent one minute asking questions and judging them on Presentation, Fluency, Points Q&A.. (Next up, contestants wear swimwear?)

There was ONE fly in the soup. There were 22 teams!!! The entire process shifted from class to union office to another class. It just took 3 hours, you know. And no breaks for us poor judges. The topic afforded no relief either. “Should mobile phones be banned in college?”

By the time the 2nd team was done, I knew the entire refrain byheart.

This is what it consisted of “MMS Scandal”, “Missed calls”, “Unknown messages”, “Peeping toms”, “Unsafe Radiation”, “Style Factor”, “MMS Scandal”, “MMS Scandal”, “MMS SCANDAL”…. I hope you see the pattern emerge.

Being sadistic, I loved asking questions. It prevented me from sleeping when everyone was saying basically the SAME thing.

One exchange I particularly adore.

The 21st team was all voice and singular lack of points. One was particularly lucky in that he got mauled both by another-senior-called-Vivek & Sadistic-Shruti. His ending was something that drew applause from the kids around…

“Get out of college, get a job, get married, have 2 kids, THEN buy a mobile and we will talk.” (about WHAT exactly?)

That kind of speech can come back and bite you in the backside, you know!

“Hello. So how old are you?”


“Do you have a mobile?”


“Do you PLAN to get a mobile?”

“Yes.” With a sheepish smile.


“In 3 years.”

“Will you be married then?”

“uhm No”

“So what happens of the kids?”

“I’ll put my mobile in my shirt pocket. Keep it clear off my hip pockets”

Both the judges raised their eyebrows. “So what about your heart?”

“My heart does not matter.”

Both the judges were now laughing. Amid my giggles, I asked him “Well then, what IS important? Not your brain & heart?…”

“My heart is strong!”

Of course, that was just BEGGING a question to be asked, right? I didn’t ask it!

After all this laughter, I set back for my class, having missed 2 lab periods. And on my mobile, what do I see? “You girl, get back into lab this instant. Or you will not get output this time also…”! (heh!) It was all cracking me up!

Next stop, Union room & PC…! And constant reminders “Shruti! Role of Engineers…” (gah!!) “Shruti have you told anyone?” “Shruti, what are you doing?”…!!!!

Some stuff has been done for the programme. Now, I am off to compile questions. And get one more judge… Got to call people… (My head’s exploding!)

On Friday, we had JAM prelims & finals.. That was REALLY fun!! I enjoy conducting JAM anyday and the kids (uhm not THAT small either) were quite funny. At one point, the objections to objections (due to some weird rules) came so thick and fast, we forgot what the original objection was for, and whether to grant it or not!!! JAM master Shruti I am! I missed another class that day as well…

Okay. The reason why I keep harping on missed classes is this: I haven’t really bunked that many classes in my college life *deep breath* THERE! I said it!!

The entire week, I haven’t been doing anything else… too tired to! For all people who are wondering why I haven’t been online!!

I was instructed to call people up and tell them about Drishti 2005… Here! I have done better! All you people in engineering colleges around Kerala!! Listen up! YOU’RE ALL INVITED TO DRISHTI 2005. It’s our Technical Fest and will be held on 24th & 25th January. You may turn up, especially for BEST MANAGER, sponsored by TIME, Trivandrum!

Long blog tonight… Over & Out. I have got to work on “Role of Engineers.” I’ve reached the Neanderthals!

The completely exhausted & ecstatic with MUCH more work to do….



2 thoughts on “Here Comes the Blog

  1. kicchu

    This reminds me of all those good days in college..Definitely not as busy as urs.But really enjoyed those days..
    You might really feel for all these sweet days(sadistic shrutz torturing the juniors..:P)after may be 2 or 3 years..


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