Analysis & Overanalysis!

Well, this is something that happened yesterday. We have our Tech Fest Program Committee (PC) meetings sporadically. I, being a sort of over-achieving, sincere kind of person (err ..fool). used to land up for EVERYONE of them. You look around, maybe 3 other people would be there, adjourn at 4:30 for a meeting scheduled for 4:00 to the Union room, yak about the programs and leave.

Most meetings are cancelled… That kind of got my goat initially. But then, what the heck? Most people aren’t me (thank god for the world!)

The past week didn’t see any meeting till Thursday, when a sum total of 5 people out of a total PC of 20 odd attended, the convenor was MISSING!… So, on Friday, I didn’t come to college on account of no classes because of our Lab exams. I scrambled to reach the PC from the middle of the city, pretty much hurried up the winding drives of the college and burst into the room at 4:25 (after being told by a member, who was standing OUTSIDE, that it had just begun!). The convenor bestowed a frosty look “It’s 4:30. Weren’t you supposed to come at 4?”

“Oh I just came from my home.”

“NO excuses. If you can’t make it on time, don’t come”

OH right! This from the guy who bunks most PCs, who made two of us wait outside TIME office for half an hour while he was ‘on his way’ from the hostel because he was SO punctual AND the mahatma who lost the list I submitted (first) to him about 2 months ago. (of rules and my subcommittee) SURE!

I tried making it a joke. “sure boss”

“It’s NOT a joke Shruti. This is the PC”

Oh… hug your damn PC and…… *overpowering feeling of wanting to strangle someone*

Okay, at about 4:35, another chap sauntered in, our hero convenor grins at him and says ” You’re late”

“Okay”said the guy who has come for uhm, 3 PCs since October…

Well not to put a fine point to it, I was hopping mad. I don’t particularly like being addressed like I am an aberrant kid. And I find it quite pathetic that a person can’t practise what he/she preaches.

Since, I had some feeling of courtesy to the hero, I refrained from saying anything till we got outside and I pretty much laid it out to him. All the while, he had this sheepish look on his face…

Anyway, I am going to listen to him now :)… Can’t make it on time to college at 4 from my house for the next three days.. “Whoops, I can’t make it. Hope you don’t mind. Bye!”

As you can see, I am still pretty riled up!


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