New Year Blog

Hello 2005!

I hope you treat me much better than the previous year!

What do I want from this year? Loads of things…

1) WANT to bell the CAT. …I. Seriously. Want. To. Do. Well. In. It!

2) In case I don’t, a reasonably good campus placement

3) Pass all my labs! (scary thoughts keep entering my mind!)

Here are my resolutions for the year…

1) Be more serious from without.

2) Talk & smile much less! (weird resolution, but I NEED it!)

3) Pray more

4) Work hard to ahieve aim (1)!




3 thoughts on “New Year Blog

  1. jax

    Hi Shruti,
    1. CAT is easy,except for the analytical,quantitative & verbal sections 😀 Dont worry
    2. Send Ajay your resume! His company is looking for freshers!
    3. Your “Pray more” resolution is going to come really handy here!:D

    Good luck n happy new year!
    Secret Agent 2 double-o-five!

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