And I have Pictures to Prove It!

Today’s the 28th of December.. my sister’s sixth wedding anniversary.. She’s 8 years elder to me and the “little voice of conscience” in my life. Most people have difficulty believing we are sisters when they compare our personalities. Half of it is erased when they see my niece, (heh) she’s quite like me (yayy!) Achachan, (my brother-in-law) is someone everyone loves to know.

A lot of things happened since Christmas, some good, some great and some not quite…

Well firstly, my sister and her family landed in Trivandrum on 24th, so I get to see my niece regularly now. That’s a barrel load of fun, and I am enjoying myself.

Christmas was okay.. Started off being lousy, then towards the end it was great.. So it’s a nil-all win for me right now! Don’t ask me to justify that sentence, it’s way too hard to do!

26th December was what it was at! Sangam-2004 aka my school’s reunion… 82 people showed up and though, the programs themselves were boring, we all had a fun time trying to recognise each other & exclaiming how much everyone had changed. Being in CET, I get to meet a lot of them, but it was terrific nevertheless.

So here are the pictures.. I can’t wax lyrical, I am still exhausted…


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