Whew… I am Bushed

And Gored and Kerryed.. okay that’s just a REAAAALLY bad joke. I apologise!

Exams are over.. Finally!

Today, it was my fourth Sem Signals & Systems improvement. I am wondering why I even bothered. For the first time in my life, I didn’t know what exactly was happening in ANY question in the paper. I kind of gave up in the middle and then used all my creative powers to the max.. Very satisfying.

CET is giving us 2 WHOLE days before sixth semester starts. “Gee, how very kind of them to give us a weekend off to relax”. It will extend till the 24th, (why do they EVEN bother?).. and then of course. LAB exams!!!

Okay, now that I have completely bored whoever is on the receiving end of my schedule, I am going to sign off! Next blog WILL be interesting!!


2 thoughts on “Whew… I am Bushed

  1. jax

    signals n systems sounds very very familiar! u doing ur electronics engg? the only pleasant memory i have of that subject is the t-shirt slogan it inspired us to make – “tronix class of 2000 – can you match our wavelength?”:)

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