The Price of Fame

What I can’t fathom.. Obssessive people who think that film stars “care” whether they have seen their films 100 times, (thereby making a crappy film a superhit), people who plaster pictures of cricket stars or pretty people all over the walls, fanatics (yeah.. diehard FANS) who waste time, money and energy on plastic people..

Okay, I won’t be a hypocrite, I am a fan too.. of some books, I like some actors, I look upto successful people who have made a difference. But when it comes to mouthing (with a fake flutter of eyelashes) “Mother Teresa is my biggest role model”, I say “Give me a BREAK!” and for good measure I might roll my eyes! Go ON, Prove it! Stay with poverty ridden souls, please don’t spend the years after your reign, doing the jhatkas and matkas to some cheesy item number.. Plastic Barbie dolls and machi GI Joes are SO passe! And more pity to the poor idiots who idolise them!

On the flip side, I guess life in the celebrity circuit must not be not all hunky-dory.. Zero privacy at all times, cameras flashing, comments everyday and in every magazine, every single mistake you do amplified. The price of fame is heavy to pay, indeed.

Reality TV springs up attention seeking morons who desperately need their 15 seconds of fame! And of course, they’re all SOO representative of the population. The women are all ex-cheerleaders/ dancers/ models/ other dumb profession, the men are unattractive clods who are models/ actos/ gay/ unempoyed/ unemployable and ALL of them are neurotic! Argh!! Some one put a stop to the foolishness plaguing this world! Restore some degree of normalcy!


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