Veer Zaara Musings

First things first, one of my ‘regular readers’ (gawd! that sounds so pompous) has warned me:

Any more poetry and I will not read your blog“, and believe me, that was NOT a threat, it’s just this nameless entity talking aloud to itself in order to retain what last vestiges of sanity it has after spending 10 minutes talking to me. Specialists agree, though, that talking to oneself is one of the first signs of impending madness! Note: If you find yourself banging your head against the wall, you’ve been warned, and I will NOT take any responsibilty for any such random acts of crackpot-ness!

So keeping in mind, that I have been asked NOT to rhyme, on pain of losing one reader, I will honour ‘its’ wishes. namely:

1) I will not rhyme (duh! Have YOU been listening?)

2) I will not divulge any information about it on my blog (Hence, the ‘it’).. So I will NOT be telling you the name of this person.. Aravind RS of 2nd year, Aeronautics, IIT Kharagpur!

3) I will write something interesting on my blog! (That could be a relative concept!)…

Anyway, I digress. The topic of today’s blog is (fanfare please) Films!.. Yours truly headed off to see Veer-Zaara, on a wing of a whim, inspite of the very painful fact of an impending exam. (“Ahh who cares.”.. refer to Rule#1 in 10 things I learnt at college) The theatre was, for the want of a better term, not the cream of the crop. Electricity was not in evidence for 10 minutes out of three hours. One of the most rivetting objects on screen was a nice little scratch in reel number 18 that kept switching from place to place, and face to face… It had the best time of all!

The film was timepass viewing. Whatever you say about Yash Chopra movies, these facts can’t be debated:

1) His films have colour palettes you never knew existed.

2) Sarson da Khet, ghanne da “estem”, Swiss da vich Alps and loads of rain ALWAYS make special appearances.

3) Weddings are “affairs” to be dreaded, but oh gosh! They sure DO look ‘purdy’

4)Heroines are clad in feminine chiffon sarees and Men in snug sweaters AND a jacket in sub-zero temperatures. Must be the power of love that’s keeping the girl warm..

5)A tight embrace is filmed over and over again… round and round goes the camera till the poor viewer is left dizzy and wants to alert the Mush Police for citations.

6)A train scene (or variations of following) is a must.. And it usually features hero and heroine walking away from each other and turning to look at each other at some point… Ahh! *blows nose* So touching!

7) By the end of the whole deal, you are pretty sure how it turns out… hand in hand, walking into the sunset. Ciao, suckers!

Kabhi tho samjha karo, yaar.. Main tumhe aise nahin chodne waali!

PS: IF you highlight this entire blog, hidden secrets could be revealed!


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