Taking serious stock of my life..

20 years I’ve been walking this planet,

So what exactly do I have to show for it?

All I’ve held dear destroyed by the winds of fate

Another place, another day, another destiny?..

What could’ve been?, My constant quest.

It seems to the world outside that peers inward,

There’s nothing at all that I would ever need.

Yet, somewhere between the smiles and laughter,

The truth got submerged underneath a glossy veneer.

Who is the real person who wants to break free?

Am I just donning a mask for the world to see?

Consumed by an insatiable need for aiming high,

A desire to soar like the boldest eagle in the sky.

There’s no room for the looming sceptres of doubt.

A lifetime stretched ahead, like an endless desert,

Little oases of joy found only to the brave of heart.

When opportunity knocks, will I open the door?

Or rue the lost dreams that breathe no more…

I usually resort to poetry as a means to relieve certain feelings. Today, it was my thoughts about a lot of dreams & plans about what lies ahead, and mostly, the ‘insatiable need’ to prove myself… Okay, so it’s not actually latent, but I do wonder all the time if they could come true. I just hope that I am my worst critic, and it’s not someone else!

Seriously yours (for once)



5 thoughts on “Introspection

  1. LI

    I wonder u r in which engg college in Kerala.After reading the 10 things u have learnt @ college it seems that u r from my college ;-).But feels all ennggg colleges in kerala are similar 😉 especailly that 24 hour study before exams

  2. FuTuReKiD

    ‘Or rue the lost dreams that breathe no more’
    This happen all the time. We dont realise always
    that anything coming our way is an opportunity.

  3. Rare Hand Axe

    Looming sceptres? I think you meant spectres 🙂 Though looming sceptres would be kinda freaky scary too.

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