What does it mean to be an Indian?

After two nonsensical blogs about very sensible subjects, I thought I’d top it off with this: What does it mean to be an Indian?

You’re one among a billion, and that’s a very literal meaning too!

Jokes aside, (if I can ever do that) it means that ever second sentence uttered by any proud Indian is of our glorious past. Does India really have to search for her heydeys in some long forgotten civilisation? Granted, we DID have some wonderful eras, granted we gave the world and granted, our country was among the greatest during the time of the ancients.

BUT, at this moment, does it really matter?

To be an Indian means that religion maybe on the forefront of every news item, in some way or shape but for the average person, it’s pretty much at the back of their minds. I am not negating the fact that in this big nation, there are some religious zealots for whose actions there can be no apology, but most of the people you see around are caught in some kind of struggle or the other and have no time for petty trifles..

To be an Indian means to constantly strive to put one above our neighbours.

To be an Indian means never having to say sorry, whoops, wrong sentence… To be an Indian is an affirmation that despite all that pulls us down, we’ll always rise above all odds and triumph over adversity.

It means yummy food and beautiful places, magnificent culture and crafts, vibrant colours and celebrated diversity. Finally, it means inspite of all destruction plagued on us, our country will still be a haven for peace and one day, prosperity for all..


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