Exams are upon me once again!

I’ve a feeling that all this multitasking is seriously going to my brain, or whatever is left of it. This is what usually happens when I am writing an exam..

(Hands): Busy drawing the block diagram

Mind (singing):anjaani rahon pe tu kya dhoondta phire/dur jise samjha woh to paas hain tere..

Eyes: (noticing that it’s another diagram) Take their own sweet time to relay information to the brain which is busy belting out the second stanza of Lucky Ali’s song…

I must say, it’s not the ideal scenario…

Wish me luck, tomorrow… finally, after a lot of false starts and alarms, exams are going to start with Basic Instrumentation. Have to get up at 5:30 and revise last module again.. Hopefully, it’s going to be okay.. Fingers crossed!


PS: Life seems to have composed of holidays and exams only.. when is the learning going to start?


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