Learning Without Knowledge, Or Vice Versa!

The ladder theory is one of the important bits of information I gathered today. I am not entirely sure where to apply this knowledge. One of the questions it raised is: When 2 ladders are kept at infinity distance from one another and you’re trying to find the shortest distance between 2 different rungs, would the hypotenuse still equal infinity? Of course, by the time you finish thinking about this pertinent point, the ladder theory has descended into the depths of your mind. Maybe, it just ought to stay there. My brain already has enough trouble focussing on what is important..

Like Cost-Volume-Profit (C-V-P) Analysis. Basically, the volume of production required for a business to pass the break even point and make some profit! Where DO you apply the C-V-P analysis? I really don’t care, except that there is an Industrial Engineering & Management Paper on Wednesday, and LOOK what I am doing!

Alarm is set for 6 am… 1/2 almost left to do… Writing nonsense somehow makes me feel relaxed. And of course, it’s good practice for my IEM paper! (HOW could I let that joke pass me by?)

Coming back to the ladder theory, the only ladders I am particularly fond of are step ladders. The bamboo ladders that were depicted in the site were, well, rickety! Not that I have vertigo, but I’d rather that the ladder I was putting my hopes on had a strong base, so that even if *someone* tried to jump ladders midway, it wouldn’t kill them! (SPOILER ALERT!)

But seriously, can guys and girls really be nothing but platonic friends?… I would scream from the desktops, err ROOFtops, “yes”, if I didn’t know my friends to the extent I do! Kidding aside, I hope the ladders never mix.. And I DO stand by my remark about Intelligence!


2 thoughts on “Learning Without Knowledge, Or Vice Versa!

  1. arvin

    the major limitation i find with the ladder theory is that it does not extend to the process of ladder selection. what makes you put someone on one ladder as opposed to the other? as probably one of the few two-ladder people who accept the ladder theory, perhaps you could throw some light on that? 😀

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