10 Things I Learnt In College

10) The most fun you will have in college with your friends is OUTSIDE.

9)There’s a clique for everyone, including the minority of baldheaded-pamphlet distributing-nonracist-yet Eminem loving-Jehovah Witness-preppie!

8) Most teachers don’t know/care about your existence or your activities and are not exactly thrilled to, either.

7) Forget 1st April, Valentine’s Day is when the practical jokers rule the roost.

6) Thou shalt enter the Library only when a) It’s the day before your series exams. b) You haven’t seen your prescribed textbook… Ever! Of course, your whole year is in the same boat, and hence it’s highly likely you will not make the acquaintance of the aforementioned tomes.

5) Lectures are just an excuse for the hard-working (yeah, stayed up all night watching a movie/ Playing CounterStrike or NFS or Prince of Persia (!)/ talking on phone to friend/ on internet/doing sundry things collegiates do) students to catch the much needed forty winks.

4) A Laboratory is a place where thou shalt spend 2 hours trying to coax an output out of a stubborn set of machines/ components, cursing the instruments, exchanging world views and gossip, only to get it (the output!) in the first 10 minutes of the lunch break (My lab partner calls it “Injury time”), by jiggling the whole setup.

3) Strikes are treasured, but are as common as finding a fish in an ocean… Oh India-Pakistan cricket match today? Uhuh, the Hostels have JUST run out of water. Nobody can take a bath! National emergency.. “On strike, On Strike. MH/LH/SFI/ABVP/KSU/VOC/ALOAFTHOI (A Lot Of Alphabets For The Heck Of It) on Strike!”.. Okay that just happens in Government colleges in Kerala.

2) Any high marks you get in the final exams are bonuses, because you don’t deserve them. If you DO deserve them, you probably won’t get them!

& Finally

1) Studying everyday is for the birds. All studying is to be reserved solely for the previous 24 hours before an exam. You never know whether the exam WILL be held as scheduled anyway.. And remember… COFFEE is your friend! (Repeat after me!!) Coffee is my friend!!


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