Spelling & ‘Grammer’

You wanna know what gets my goat? You gotta realize that

1) it’s Indians speaking in pseudo American accents. (Akscents)

2) Bad spelling & grammar when people should definitely know better.

You know how the language online is, r8? “hy grl, hw r u doin 2day? long time n c. evrythng all r8?”

Enough numerals in the English to make you SCREAM!

Call me a puritan, but when you’re writing in a language you know fairly well, you NEED to be well versed in its rules! (of course, if you heard me talking Malayalam…. )!

You may call it Call Centre culture, this Americanisation of language degrades the language. The sad part about this is that you see people strut around waving their American banner by talkin’ in the hep style, dude/man, but sometimes everything slips down to a “vari besick lavel”


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