Greek, Latin & Intelligence

So, I had a conversation with a friend of mine. Friend is rather a loose term to describe him. We’ve met once, in highly amusing and intellectual circumstances and the rest of our correspondence has been through email & the ever-trusty Yahoo & MSN Messenger. (he’s promised to write me an email since LAST year). Now he’s doing his Architecture in IIT Kharagpur, (Yeah! a fundoo type). He has very varied and how shall I put it, uncommon interests. His obssession with Tolkien’s works is so intense, he has gone through Sindarin, and concluded I was to be called Indil from now on.. (nice name!)

Sindarin is not his only linguistic interest, though. He likes LATIN and GREEK. Now, you know the phrase “It sounds Greek and Latin to me”… he can’t use THAT! So, to my question of “what then?”.. his dead languages are Aramaic and Ignosic (correct me if I am wrong!)!!! They’re so much easier on the tongue than Greek & Latin!

Unfortunately, I made the big mistake of saying “intelligence is a turn on”. He’s been making a BIG deal about it! Apparently, girls are NOT supposed to think intelligence is a turn on. My requisites of a cute smile & dimples on a guy seem to be accepted without demur, but intelligence… NO WAY!

You can’t go wrong! There are slightly less than 3 billion males on the planet. But INTELLIGENT males are another cup of tea! (or whatever beverage) It’s my personal view that any guy able to carry a half way interesting conversation needs to be intelligent.. but NO, ‘dude’ thinks they just need to be above average. Maybe his IQ is way higher than mine (grr!), but please define average for me!!! Surely, it’s not someone with an IQ higher than his shoe size?

Hey Dawn, this blog’s for you. You’re my Amenhotep and this is your papyrus for posterity!

Here’s a thought… Eta Beta Pi… 😀


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