That one word brings a lump to my throat and a longing in my heart. Sometimes life just is very depressing and your head starts drooping. When that happens, I close my eyes and there they all are. Laughter and light, sorrow and tears, songs and dances and a whole lot of love.

Sometimes, you wonder… They don’t keep in touch, is it because they’ve lost interest? A little voice in the back of your mind whispers, “Maybe they’ve forgotten you.” That’s the height of isolation. The world’s ganged up on you and there’s nothing you can do. That’s impotent rage and bottled frustration. But then, a word from them, smoothes away the wrinkles of existence and everything’s sunny in La-La Land.

You’ll be the luckiest person alive if you find a friend who understands you before you voice a single thought, can look at the expression on your face, the nuances of your gestures and read it correctly. Who does not grimace at your opinions, or impose their will on you. Who does not judge you by your words, but understands your good intentions, thoughts and actions. Someone who good naturedly ribs you about your little foibles… You’re even more lucky, if you are as good a friend to someone else.

They don’t even have to know you too well to be there for you, through thick and thin, sharing your triumphs and laughing away your defeats, sharing your hopes and ideas, and dreaming about a starry future. When they talk to you, you drop all your thoughts and listen.

Nostalgia envelops you in a warm coccoon and you feel the gentle breeze of the day you went on a picnic or remember the you spent arguing about the silliest notions, the silly rhymes you wrote, the candid photos you clicked, the games you played, the names you called each other, the times you didn’t talk because you were sulking, the advice you gave each other. You tried to make new friends, but like ships returning to a harbour, found each other. Sounds dreadfully like codependancy, but you’re satisfied.

Were those days truly that perfect, idyllic? Or is it that my mind’s playing tricks on me? Distance makes the heart grow fonder and I truly miss that which I cannot experience now.

Life does not treat a person fairly all the time, but a good friend makes it much more bearable. This is to all my wonderful friends. You’re all a part of my heart and I love you all to distraction


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