Well, I’m back.. And it’s F1 this time.

It’s weird, I seem to blog only when there are exams around! Sad but, true.

Since last time I blogged, I have discovered new things. Life’s just the same old, same old, though. Got my fourth semester marks! Didn’t do too badly in Digital Electronics, but achieved new lows in two other subjects. I am least perturbed by it. Fifth semester sees me being the laziest female around…

I got a comment on one of my blogs, that even th0ugh I said I liked Formula One, I haven’t blogged about it yet!

So here goes. I was really young when I saw my first race. It wasn’t even a live one. I think it was the 1990 or 1991 Monaco Grand Prix.. Alain Prost in the Ferrari v/s Ayrton Senna in the McLaren (shown in 1993, by the way!!). I was completely fascinated. Cars going into a lit tunnel and coming out at completely phenomenal speeds. The two names I kept hearing were “Prost & Senna..”. Then, I lost touch, since we didn’t have cable TV.

After sometime (8 months or so), I heard of the death of Senna. I was kind of shocked. But then, I was ten years old. Death doesn’t really concern you at that age. Even though, I wasn’t seeing the sport, Ferrari was not a name I forgot that easily

Fast forward to 2000. I FINALLY got cable and since, channel surfing is at its peak when you initially get cable TV, I switched to Star Sports and voila, THERE was that red car again… This time with Michael Schumacher in it. I think it was the US Grand Prix and I was slightly confused.. They had TWO Schumachers- Ralf & Michael. Don’t know why I thought Ralf was the older brother. And NOW, I was hooked for life. Schumacher Sr. just blew my mind away. The machine was gorgeous and he knew how to drive TO the limit. It’s just a dream for a lot of people.. drive FAST and get PAID for it! (My mom doesn’t like it too much! She’s afraid I might just drive on roads like that!)

I know a lot of McLaren fans, and they all adore Kimi Raikkonen. I can’t reconcile myself to his ice, somehow. He seems too precise and cold about his driving, AND I kind of feel sorry for Coulthard, he’s always been overshadowed by a Finn! It’s like Barichello.. In another team, with different partners, they might have been the stars! But not in McLaren with either Kimi or Mika Hakkinen… OR definitely Ferrari with Schumi.

I enjoy Button’s driving, I see the same type of building that Michael did with Ferrari with Button, but he almost threw ALL that away to be with Williams! (of the undecided nose fame!)

Speaking of Williams, I can’t stand complaining & whiny Montoya. Though, it could be wonderful seeing him and Kimi in a team and watch their pretty contrasting styles of driving. The only other pair more interesting to watch would be Sato & Button. Sato has a talent for blowing up cars!

A driver I REALLY like is Mark Webber. Bad car, weak team, unstable team mates and he still did a wonderful job with the resources he had! He’s one the of biggest sports. Everytime the Jaguar crashed/blew up/ran out of steam/spun off track/was crashed into by his partner Jaguar, he did not throw tantrums with the field marshals like so many others. He took it in stride. That is the true hallmark of a future Champion! Hope he has a better time at Williams.

I have left out Renault till now. Alonso is a very exciting driver. He’s got skill and grit and fire. I would rather have seen Trulli alongside him, but I guess, Fisichella isn’t too bad either. Anyone who can coax the Sauber anywhere has to be good! Not to mention winning a Grand Prix in a JORDAN! Hiring Villeneuve for the final races was fun, but not a good idea at ALL!

Next season, MAYBE, Toyota can do better.

A moment I remember from this season.. Ralf Schumacher’s enormous crash and his brother looking at the ambulance while driving past at the Indy. It was very scary!

To round off, another memory from this season, from one of my most favourite circuits.. Yeah, Monte Carlo. Into the tunnel goes the safety car, with a complete Ferrari and fishy looking Williams, out comes the safety car and a whole load of cars… before a truncated Ferrari and a frustrated Schumacher. I always did love the circuit… AND Ferrari!


One thought on “Well, I’m back.. And it’s F1 this time.

  1. arvin

    hey, thanks for not going into all that michael bashing and talking about how F1 has become so uninteresting because there’s someone who doesnt make mistakes nowadays. yours must be the only F1 blog which doesn’t.

    nice to find someone else who watches F1 for good cars and good driving, not crashes and malfunctions!

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