I had gone to Bombay for two weeks and didn’t get to pen my thoughts down. Well, now I am back, and ready to talk. This sometimes feels like a psychiatrist’s couch (not that I NEED one!). The trip was great. Saw so many films and ate till I popped… metaphorically, of course. Came back home and had a rude culture shock. Life’s SLOW in Trivandrum. Everything seems to revolve around studies. Children, parents… everyone and everything boils down to that single subject. It can get tiresome at times.

College. What can I say about it? Sometimes I thank my lucky stars, at least I am in a college where noone seems to take studying very seriously. Fun and games to the Xtreme.. but HOW on earth DO they get all the marks they do? Must be something I have to investigate. Fifth semester, they say is much easier. Hell, something HAS to be!

NOTE to self: make sense from now on!

I miss school though. It’s a feeling that never really goes away. The children, the teachers, the building, the grounds…. I close my eyes and all of them crystal clear. Here’s to my schooldays then!


One thought on “Nostalgia

  1. Aslan

    try to keep those memories. after four yrs of college, i’ve fallen back into the pack of my school buddies. nothin beats school..! 😉 n trust me, any college that takes studies seriously [except on pre-exam dayz!] is not worth studyin at!!

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