To the memory of what will be

Vacation’s started. Oh the bliss till June 16th! Would it KILL the University to give the poor students some some more holidays? Good news is that no matter how badly I did this semester, I am STILL going to be in the fifth Sem. Then again, is that good news after all? Digital’s paper was okay, while I was writing it. It’s ONLY after I got out that I realised I might not have done as good a paper as I thought I had. As long as we are restricted to the subject we are supposed to major in, I am okay. When studies go into the realm of say, building walls or setting up Power Plants, I am all at sea. It’s like Greek and Latin to me!

Want to see so many films! Troy, the Passion of the Christ (it’s been running to packed houses for over a month or so now), Shrek2, The Prisoner of Azkaban, Van Helsing (heard it’s good) and Hum Tum. But before that I have to get some more people to join in. Going for a film all by yourself feels weird!

I am on the lookout for books right now. Read almost all the Forsythes, Grishams and Archers. Terry Pratchett’s books are fascinating. Humour is well.. so humourous? Keeping myself posted on what happens next


One thought on “To the memory of what will be

  1. Jubilant

    Nice things to do in vacations. The bliss with universities in Kerala is that they are never on time… atleast that is what I felt when I was there. Be sure of one thing, the campus is going to be the best part of your life; for ever!

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