So, the Story Commences

Okay here’s the deal. It’s 12:33 by my clock and Saturday afternoon. Exams have left me completely woozy and…. bad news, I have one last one on Wednesday.(for now) Procrasination is in the air. It must come with the wonderfully fine weather we’re having. Why can’t Ma Nature, for once, do the square thing and rain heavily when I have to be cooped inside? Digital Electronics is as interesting as going to the dentist.

Ahh well, Let’s see what Blogging can do?

Perhaps, a little bit of “venting” might do me some good. Unfortunately, not all budding writers have a whole lot of pain locked inside. So, right now, I don’t feel any impotent rage building up to a crescendo.

After breathing deeply, I have mustered up some measure of anger towards people who spam me!!! No, I do NOT want to know how to make things bigger, nor do I want to see XXXXXXXXXXX-rated stuff. I don’t care if I was your 1 billionth visitor and you want to give me 10 dollars. It’s none of your business really, if I want to lose 100 pounds and even if I did, you are the LAST person I’d turn to. “Free” offers don’t interest me, and yeah, I don’t appreciate opening my inbox and finding all this junk making it “over critical size”.

Speaking of size of inboxes, what’s with email providers and the limit they promise to provide if I paid them a “small amount” per year as subscription. Whereupon my “classic” membership would be unpgraded to “platinum” or “gold” or “diamond” or assorted metals and gems. It’s easier on my already empty pockets just to make a new email address, isn’t it? GENIUSES! (or is it genii?.. like hippopotami)

Hey ranting’s fun. And since, we ARE on the subject, let’s discuss the wonderful service providers in the country. Dial up comes to being so expensive and so very “fast” it doesn’t take more than an hour to download a song. But hey, cable’s not much better. Rs. 1.25 per hour/- only…. People, people, I am NOT online 24 hours a day! do your maths RIGHT, for once.

Ranting done. Feeling fine. Save the rest for later.


6 thoughts on “So, the Story Commences

  1. kpowerinfinity

    Blogging is fun… Welcome

    And I think I would take strong exception to the fact that “Digital Electronics” is as “interesting” as going to the dentist… Wait till you do more of Analog, with current mirrors et al, and you would realize that Digital electronics is the great boon, which helps us escape the vicissitudes of analog devices…

    I however agree that spammers can at times be a pain in the neck… try out the new Yahoo! feature… called Address Guard… its pretty cool and you can hide ur email id… And I am not paying for it 😀

  2. Aslan

    Hi, came across your blog when I clicked Formula1 in my interests.. I didn’t get to read anythin’ abt F1, but I have to say you blog really well. If only u’d do it oftener.. I bet college doesn’t permit tho’! As for mailspace, why don’t u just sign up for Yahoo! [100MB] or Rediff/Gmail [1GB]?!


    please can you keep yourself away from the pc,what sort of a blog is this,cooking and helping your parents is one of the most reccomended remedies to your extreme desire for creativity

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